Stephane FranzeseStéphane Franzese was born in Cannes (South of France) in 1970 and has had, to say the least, a career somewhat out of the ordinary.

A Dancer and Choreographer for 20 years, he worked in many of France’s best known cabarets. This career enabled him to travel a great deal learning several different dance styles and techniques and experimenting with the diverse influences of each continent he visited (Asia, Europe, America)

All of these influences inspire him today in his new career path. Graduating from SPEOS Paris Photographic Institute, he chose to specialize in Studio Photography. He has since broadened his horizons and worked in several different fields such as, portraits, fashion, still life and photo documentaries.

It is only natural therefore, that he has worked on several occasions, as a Photographer in both the fields of Performing Arts and Dance. He has notably taken most of the photographs found in the new programme and website of the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret.